Lacoste Kiss Photo Promo

Lacoste Debuts “The Big Leap” Short Film [SP]

Life’s moments interwoven into time yet so much transpires over a course of a lifetime. Love, loss, joy, excitement, peaceful reverence, sadness and so on… We’ve all heard the comparative analogies: life is a journey, life’s a beach, life is a rat race, life is a test but what about “life is a beautiful sport”? … Continue reading

Chatwal NYC

No. 3 of 3 The Luxury Collection Series: The Perfect New York Day

New Year’s Eve/Day is one of my favorite holidays for it marks a fresh blanket of snow filled with endless, positive possibilities that a new year brings. Thus, what better city to wrap up 2013 than New York City (my second home away from home) as I affectionately refer to it as– the notorious Times … Continue reading

The Liberty Lobby

No. 2 of 3 The Luxury Collection Series: The Perfect Boston Day

Boston is one of my favorite historical cities of many that the U.S. has to offer. As with all cities, each houses its own personality and character that makes it unique to why we visit in the first place. Not only does Boston have fantastic culinary delights, rich historical value but also commands itself as … Continue reading

The Equinox Resort VT

No. 1 of 3 The Luxury Collection Series: The Perfect Vermont Day

As in all things there is a first time for everything, I have personally enjoyed each state that has been showcased in this month’s collective series featuring three of The Luxury Collection hotel properties in Vermont, Massachusetts and New York. Therefore in rounding out yet another year here at Luxuri8 [Luxuriate], I opted to be … Continue reading

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