Harry Winston Elegantly Deconstructs Time With New Opus Eleven Collection

Opus 11 Watch

Harry Winston’s current “Opus Eleven” project is surely one to peak the interest of even the most discerning timepiece collector.

The latest piece developed in part by horology extraordinaire, Denis Giguet previously of Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps (MCT) notoriety has surely combined the graceful complexity of technology, architecture and timepiece engineering at its finest through the “Opus Eleven”. Giguet, also behind MCT’s “Sequential One” model which uses a prism display system; thus you can see similarities between the two, both using a complex arrangement of plates to display time.

As for the “Opus Eleven” three white gold overlapping cylinders on three levels are configured to deconstruct time. First, the hour’s domain encased beneath a sapphire-crystal dome centered as the main dial flanked by two accompanying pavilions on the right side. One dial shows the minutes on a jumping disk for the tens with a running disk for the units. The other dial, slightly lower displays the motion of the titanium balance-wheel. Instead of a hand, 24 placards revolve and rotate on a complicated system of gears mounted on an epicycloidal gear-train.

These ingenious mechanisms provide the watch with a rare character in which Giguet states, “that the idea of how to explode the time” was the genesis for the creation behind the Opus Eleven.

The eloquent “Opus Eleven” timepiece is priced at $230,000 USD with only 111 pieces produced in total for the limited edition Harry Winston Collection.

For more information, please visit the HARRY WINSTON OFFICIAL WEBSITE

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