Audi Enlists Emmy Award Winner Claire Danes to Promote Eco-Luxury TDI Sedans

2014 Audi TDI A6

The German luxury brand, Audi has done it again proving that luxury does not need to be compromised for environmental consciousness through their new TDI clean diesel-powered vehicle models. Debuting during this award season is the short film featuring, Emmy award-winning “Homeland” star, Claire Danes en route through two quite different adventures to the award ceremony behind the wheel of an Audi A6 TDI model. Clearly the film can be viewed as the classic “turn to page XYZ to direct your path” mystery novel of the past that sent you on two separate journeys leaving you to wonder what one path looked like over the other.

In Danes case, she is en route by way of comedic car service fiasco vs. her own drive through the open road all the while the automobile itself places her at the crossroads of performance, luxury and fuel efficiency.

As for the clean diesel-powered transition Loren Angelo, the director of marketing for Audi of America states, “We still have a substantial awareness challenge for diesel in the United States.” He concluded, “The awareness is simply not there. There’s been a lot more discussion about electric mobility and hybrid solutions, but more and more brands are starting to talk about the benefits of diesel.”

According to the official Audi website the car manufacturer boasts, “pioneered TDI® clean diesel engines to deliver more torque, lower fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions, compared to equivalent gasoline engines.”

The film was directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts (“The Kings of Summer”), wrapping the shoot in two weeks with the Emmy award winner. Audi has released the short film entitled, “SMART PERFORMER” to numerous networks and online channels slated to debut during the week of September 15th – 22nd, 2013 in which you can find the exclusive director’s cut on Luxuri8 through the link below.

Enjoy the adventure!

View Audi’s short film “SMART PERFORMER” HERE

Official Audi Website WEBSITE

Official Twitter Hashtag: #FuelForThought

Editor’s Note: On behalf of Luxuri8, we congratulate Ms. Claire Danes on her well-deserved “Best Actress” achievement at the 2013 EMMYS.

Congratulations Claire!

Congratulations Claire!

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