No. 2 of 3 The Luxury Collection Series: The Perfect Boston Day

The Liberty Lobby

Boston is one of my favorite historical cities of many that the U.S. has to offer. As with all cities, each houses its own personality and character that makes it unique to why we visit in the first place.

Not only does Boston have fantastic culinary delights, rich historical value but also commands itself as one of the elite’s city of choice to reside outside of New York, Los Angeles and Miami. Brimming with culture, art, haute couture labels and a scene that sets itself back to the origin of America’s forefathers but where else with the city’s rich history would naturally become part of a dramatic backdrop to a luxury hotel that was renovated from a 1851 prison affectionately referred to as “Charles Street Prison”.

Personally as an aficionado of many interests—design and architecture is one that I am keen to mention when speaking about The Liberty Hotel, located in the historical Beacon Hill district. The mid-19th-century Boston Granite style architecture courts you immediately upon entry into the main lobby (featured as our photo for this piece). The main lobby becomes its own cinematic lead character—boasting this ornate skeletal structure fused with a sweeping coloration of a modern façade, in which thankfully the architects and developers decided to keep as an integral part of its ambience that melds together beautifully.

The Liberty Hotel provides the standard A-list amenities that you’re always pleased to find at a Luxury Collection property so you may continually enjoy your life of luxury even when away from home.

However, this famed particular property is definitely highly marked not only for its staff, amenities or Bostonian culture, but for its original architectural merit that makes visiting and staying in the hotel worthwhile.

View The Luxury Collection’s Short Film “A PERFECT DAY: BOSTON” HERE

Official The Liberty Hotel WEBSITE

Official Twitter Hashtag: #LCroadtrip

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